Why I Didn 't Myself Once Again Essay

Why I Didn 't Myself Once Again Essay

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Believing in myself once again
Throughout the years, I hardly believed in my capabilities in school and in achieving my ambitions. You see I am not one of those cool kids who blatantly don’t want to do anything, in fact, I was worse. When opportunities decides to knock on my doorstep, I simply decline hoping that luck doesn’t go my way. It is because I was afraid to change my status which I was already comfortable with my life. Now that I am more educated I’m seeing a different point of view, a different view of living, which is achieving great things in life and surpassing anything that may come my way. In my path towards a higher education I have passed obstacles such as injury, problems with self-esteem, and transportation.
During P.E. class, me and couple of classmate where playing football, and when I had the ball one guy decided to tackle me resulting in an injury in my left hand. Having an injury prohibited me from playing sports, lifting weights or anything that requires the use of both hands. Within that semester there were a lot of activities that the school decided would...

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