Essay on Why I Chose This Tumor

Essay on Why I Chose This Tumor

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I chose this tumor because the more I read about it, the more intriguing it was for me and made me realize how important cells are especially brain cells. I became interested because this tumor is produced by only a cell called glial cell, this tumor can occur in different types of location within the nervous system inside the brain. I’ve done my research and there are many experiments doctor’s have done to understand why this tumor develops. However, more experiment is still being conducted to discover more. For example, I found a case study that was questioning if an excess amount of cell phone calls use makes the tumor size grow. As a result, it does not, but the doctors want to rule out whatever they can.
I remember my seventh-grade year when my teacher was explaining the parts of a cell and its purpose, unfortunately, I barely paid attention in that class. I did not acknowledge at the time how fascinating, complex and dangerous cells can be. For example, the glial cell when it develops into a tumor. I can now see the big picture of the body with the small details. The glial are all over the brain it can be anywhere inside the brain. Since they are all over the brain I think that makes it hard for glioma to be prevented and can turn out to be malignant when it does get discovered. Moreover, I think with more research that can find a gene that can be removed or preventions, therefore, the doctors can save more lives.
The research of this tumor has a correlation to the class because during the last week of the semester we learned about the nerve system. The nerve system is composed of complex structures that help cells carry messages to and from the brain along with the spinal cord in other words the nerves system is the electri...

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...ward bulging of one or both eyes. Spinal cord glioma is the tumor that makes a patient have pain, numbness. Tumors of the spinal card can be either primary or metastatic. Commonly most tumors in the spinal cord tend to disrupt all function and can permanently damage them.
When the patient presents one or multiple symptoms like the ones listed above the doctor first begins by ordering a neurological exam. This exam covers vision, the ability to think, to remember, the hearing, the balance, the coordination, and to have reflexes. If any the doctor sees abnormality they continue with a brain scan. A brain scan can be done with an MRI or CT scan. In addition, the brain scan collects data that helps determine if the brain is under pressure. Finally, they order a biopsy. In this procedure, surgeons remove a small sample of the tumor to be examined under a microscope.

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