Why I Become A Surgeon Essay

Why I Become A Surgeon Essay

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Being a very hands-on person, I often thought I wanted to become an artist. I loved the precision and execution of doing something on my own- but I also valued communicating with and helping others. However, as I got older, I developed more of an interest in science, which grew into a passion by the time I went to college. The hands-on experience that I craved along with my passion for helping people and love of science steered me in the general direction of medicine. In the beginning, I wanted to become a surgeon; my fine motor skills were something I had always worked hard on to ensure that I could paint the finest details in my paintings, and this skill could easily be translated over into surgery, as the same precision is required of a surgeon when operating.
Through my high school, I was able to obtain an internship at the local hospital. When I set foot inside the oncology department, I wasn’t too sure about how I would like it. After watching medical documentaries and television shows for years, I had my heart set on surgery. I learned so much in my first week, but I was still unsure of whether or not oncology should be something I would pursue. I sat in on scheduled appointments with the radiation oncology department, shadowing both nurses and doctors. Once I had the opportunity to talk with patients before taking them into the treatment room, my trajectory in medicine changed. There was something special about these patients that I had never seen before.
Optimism. Hope. Courage. These people are determined to give it their all. They know their odds of survival and of their grueling treatment plans. Despite the inevitably tough road faced by them and their loved ones, they still show up to their appointments, ready to figh...

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...lping patients in their most vulnerable time of need, I still like the idea of having the skill set to be flexible to be able to serve my community in whatever capacity I can. From pediatrics to surgery, I know a strong education as a PA will prepare me for any specialty where I am needed. I am a very hands-on person who enjoys working on my feet and solving puzzles and mysteries, especially when it comes to patients. I also crave the expansive options that PAs have once they graduate; I’ll have the freedom to explore my varied interests and put my skills to good use, as well as to help my community where it is needed. I understand the sacrifices that I will have to make for my career, but there is nothing in the world I would rather do. I am a firm believer in the quote, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” And that is my goal.

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