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Why I Became a Speech Pathologist Essay

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"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." I can hear one of my grandmother's highly regarded quotes resonating inside my head. Apprehension consumed me when I entered college as an undecided major. Unexpectedly that all changed a few weeks into my first semester. My grandmother had a stroke which ultimately affected her speech and was in dire need of a Speech Pathologist. This is what initially sparked my interest in this field. I was determined on working with the geriatric population because of the experience and attachment I endured with my grandmother. However, the irrefutable fact that this is my passion became evident when I started working as an Assistant Teacher at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech.
At Clarke I currently teach in a self contained classroom of four year old children that are deaf and hard of hearing who are learning to listen and speak. I assist under the direction of the classroom teacher in planning, preparing and executing lessons in a listening and spoken language approach. I have the opportunity to record, transcribe and analyze language samples on a daily basis. In addition, I facilitate the child's communication in the classroom and ensure carryover of activities between the classroom and individual speech therapy sessions. Every week I contribute and participate in meetings with the educational team to discuss each child's progress using Cottage Acquisition Scales of Speech, Language and Listening (CASSLLS).
I currently have a deaf child in my class that was recently unilaterally implanted. This child had no language but showed progress of pre-verbal behaviors. Within months of being in my class we began to see a range of semantic intentions through two word combinations. The simple phrase ...

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...rate degree in this field once I hold my ASHA's Certificate of Clinical Competence As a ________student, I will strive to become the best Speech Pathologist I can be. My passion of Speech Pathology will assist me in exceeding expectations in the program. Being an Assistant Teacher at Clarke has not only made my passion of working at a speech and hearing center stronger but it also provided me with the knowledge and hands-on experience I need to succeed in graduate school. The experiences I have endured at work and the undergraduate level have strengthened my devotion to this field of study. Therefore, I will be an incredible asset to the diverse student body of _________. I am looking forward to learning about different research, diagnostic assessments, and treatment methods for individuals with speech and language disorders in your accredited program.

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