Why I Am The Best Person For This Position Essays

Why I Am The Best Person For This Position Essays

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There are several reasons why I believe I am the best person for this position. I posses the skills and experience to do the work required and deliver exceptional results. My research background during my undergraduate career has provided me with useful research skills, such as using SPSS, analyzing data, and recruiting participants. Furthermore, I work well with other and would fit in and be a great addition to the staff. I get along very well with people of different backgrounds and love working with other people.

2. What have you done outside of formal education to improve yourself?

One of the reasons I truly love the University of Maryland, is the University had many opportunities outside of a formal education that I am so glad I took advantage of. For example, during my junior year of my college career I served as the Vice President of Career Development for Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology. Through the position, I was able to develop my leadership skills. I organized and planned several events such as the Graduate and Alumni Career Panel for Psychology students at the University. Also, I volunteered in a peer counseling and crisis intervention hotline, providing both emotional and social support for individuals in vulnerable and difficult situations. Not only did I serve as a counselor for the hotline; I also trained individuals to become counselors, providing education to those individuals. I refined my interpersonal skills and gained a deeper understanding of the world. Advocacy and services have always been very important to me for as long as I can remember. Therefore, it was important for me to continue to apply these two concepts in college. I served on the Student Advisory Board Counselor and did ...

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... reviewed a paper I had written for my English Seminar. Although, I believed the paper was great, I carefully listened to the criticism they had. I was able to strengthen my paper because of the criticisms I was given. I am always happy and eager to learn from people with different views and experiences.

10. How would you fit with our organization’s mission?

As a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, my college and life experiences have equipped me with skills and qualifications that will make me an asset to the research position. Indubitably, the mission and values of your research align with my dedication and passion for providing exceptional and conducting outstanding research. Since the start of my freshman year, it has been my goal to learn and understand the processes involved in research. I have worked in several labs and conducted a honors thesis.

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