Why I am Pursuing a MBA Degree Essay

Why I am Pursuing a MBA Degree Essay

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Why am I Pursuing an MBA degree?
I decided to pursue an MBA degree in order to further my managerial career in the company I work for. The question would be: Why do I think it will enhance my management career? The answer to that question requires short background information.
I started my career as an entry level programmer in 2000, after receiving my bachelor’s degree in computer science. My career took a turn to management in 2003 when I was offered a team lead’s position with the company I was working for. Since, I worked myself up through the ranks to my current position of a Manager, responsible for a sub-unit handling a specific application product. After working as a manager for 2 years, managing both the resources and the budget and the tasks for my sub-unit, I realized that my on-the-job training was not sufficient to handle the multitudes of challenges that I faced daily without a degree in business. After much research, I found that no other action can alter my career path or earning potential like an acquiring of an MBA degree.
The MBA degree is one of the most highly demanded advanced degrees in business today. Corporate demand for MBA’s has been on the rise in recent years and remains strong. According to the 2007 Corporate Recruiters Survey, conducted by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), hiring companies plan to increase their numbers of new graduate business student hires by 18% (GMAC, 2007). Projecting the overall increase in college hiring, Bizjournals.com states that at the master’s degree level, MBA graduates will be in the most demand. (Scott, 2007) Results from the Job Outlook 2007 survey referenced by Bizjournals.com showed that more than half of employers who plan to hire candidates wit...

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