Why I am Persuing a Career in Criminology Essay

Why I am Persuing a Career in Criminology Essay

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Criminology has always been quite a mystery. Figuring out why people commit crimes is one of the major components of studying criminology. Do most criminals act rationally after weighing the costs of their offense? Is the environment or community ever to blame for an individual to commit a crime? Do mental diseases or even biological defects factor into whether a person will go on to live a life of crime? Over the past two hundred years many scientist have developed explanations to try to answer these questions. In fact, the number of explanations of why people commit crimes sometimes looks about equal to the number of criminologists. I explore these questions and more about the topic of criminology in the following paper.
I personally feel passionate about the topic of criminology because I grew up around people who have committed crimes, most of them not very severe but I have seen the benefits that law enforcement has on a community and all the good It can do this is why I have decided to pursue a career in law enforcement and is what I am majoring in here at North Georgia Technical College and while pursuing a career not just for me but for anyone who is going into criminal law it is important to understand how the criminal mind works. I personally did not grow up with family or any relation or connection to people in law enforcement but it has always struck my interest and eventually decided that was what I wanted to do with my life. I believe I finally decided to do this finally when I was in my last couple years of high school which isn’t really that long ago.
“The foundation of classical criminology is its central belief that individual criminals engage in a process of rational decision making in choosing how to commit cri...

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...e commit such horrible crimes or begin in criminal activities. We as natural humans are all capable of engaging in delinquent behavior. What stands in the way of a human that makes them? What starts people to behave in deviant behavior or to choose not to commit crimes at all? We may never really know or comprehend the real reasons behind why certain humans make decisive choices like these every day. Many philosophers and scientists looked frantically and dug deep into the criminal law system and the delinquent ways of criminals using different explanations to explain delinquent behavior. With these theories they were able to develop with multiple different theories that explained different views on why people decided to commit crimes. Crime will never truly be fully understood no matter how much we study and research. In the end criminology will still be a mystery.

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