Why I Am Interested At The Cna Program At San Diego Essays

Why I Am Interested At The Cna Program At San Diego Essays

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I am Kiara Hamilton, a 19 year old young African American lady with the mindset of a person who wants to be the first at something no one else has ever done. I am interested in joining the CNA program at San Diego Job Corps because it is a long term goal of mine to be a Traveling Registered Nurse and make a career out of it. Any and everybody goes through the phase of what they want to be when they grow up, what job they want or what career they want to be lifelong. I have been through the phase and I have wanted to be everything from the most desired doctor to a massage therapist. However, the main one that stuck out was being a Nurse. Even though those are all different occupations, they all have one thing in common: helping others. I honestly believe that helping whoever, whenever or wherever is a natural instinct that came to me at a young age. However, knowing about nursing wasn’t enough for me so when I got the opportunity to experience it first-hand I became engrossed with it. When I encountered it I knew automatically it was something I could endure the rest of my life and be completely content with it. Thus, I chose to continue my education with the CNA trade.
I have chosen San Diego Job Corps to pursue the continuation of my nursing career because they offer a once in a lifetime opportunity you can’t find anywhere else. Not only is it completely free, but it also isn’t too time consuming. SDJC’s nursing program only takes about 4-6 months depending on your commitment and determination; it’s self-paced. Compared to a university that takes 3 years for you to even have the option of a program like Job Corp’s that you would have to pay thousands for and later on pay it out of your pocket if you received a loan. They give...

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...ies and a bigger position. Advanced training will help me accomplish this objective. I will also obtain traveling experience, which is a part of being a traveling registered nurse. When I do reach this target, I see any Sharp Hospital in my future. Since I have prior experience working at 3 of them and had an amazing time. I would love to go back and work for this company. Sharp is my first choice, but if I could build and run my own practice that would be even better. Not only does advanced training add to my experience, it gives me a chance to show myself and other how much better I can be. There is a lot of things in life you can get tired of sometimes, too much chocolate and too much talking, but you can never get tired of experience. I won’t ever get tired of helping others, which is why being in the CNA trade at San Diego Job Corps is the perfect place for me.

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