Why I Am Always Late

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For the last two years of my life, I thought my name was “you’re late.” It was the first thing everyone seemed to say to me. If I heard this once, I heard it a hundred times in my 16 years of life. I do understand it is very disrespectful, but I do come by it honestly. My dad’s family is always late. My life is spent sitting around waiting for one of them to arrive. I guess when you are brought up in that atmosphere; it must rub off on you. It drives my mother nuts. Well this wonderful family trait is where my story gets its roots. This is a saying my papa states before he begins a story, he always tells you it’s “roots” or where the story begins. So as I was saying, I was born into a family that do not seem to own a clock. For me, my being late seems to cause me the most trouble with school. When I started going to high school, my mom had to take me all the way across the county to my school. The only way to get there was going by two other schools, and you never knew how the traffic was going to be. We had to drop my brother off at his school first then go to mine. In the middle of the school year, my brother’s school changed their drop off policy. Students could not be dropped off earlier than 25 minutes before the first bell. We would drop off my brother and rush through traffic trying desperately to arrive on time for me to get to class. To say the least, I was late a lot. Now that is my version of the situation; my mom would say something different. The part about the school time change is exactly right, but the part about me not getting up on time and falling asleep in the shower was kind of left out. If we left on time, I would have five full minutes to walk to class, but I would always wait to the la... ... middle of paper ... ...y brother and took the dog out. I jumped into the shower and did a fast wash. I ran to my bedroom to get dressed and took a quick look at the clock. I had plenty of time. I got dressed, and I even changed my shirt twice because I could. I went down for breakfast and the coffee was ready. But, I was alone. My heart started racing. In my hurry to get ready, I did not notice that my mom and brother were not up. “Oh no”, I thought. I dashed to my mom’s room and yelled, “Get Up, Get Up!, you need to hurry or I am going to be late for school.” My mom looked at me and said, “Why are you in such a big rush today, when normally I cannot get you to open your eyes at this time?” I yelled, “Hurry or I am going to be tardy and get suspended.” My mom just smiled and pulled the covers over her head. As she did that, I could just hear her say, “Trace it is Saturday.”
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