Essay on Why I Am A Veterinarian

Essay on Why I Am A Veterinarian

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Ever since I was 5, I was asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Most kids answer with astronaut or professional baseball player, but my answer was always the same, veterinarian. There is no concrete reason for me wanting to be a veterinarian. No one in my family works with animals and my parents never really even liked animals or had pets, until I came around that is. I wish I could explain the exact moment when a lightning bolt struck and all the sudden I knew I was meant to be a veterinarian, however nothing like that has ever happened to me. What made me initially want to be a veterinarian was the way I felt around animals. Nothing could cheer me up more after a bad day than my cat curling up on my lap or clearing my mind while walking my dog. Although, as I grew up I explored the idea of different careers, I never thought the career I picked when I was 5 would be the one I actually peruse. My teachers would give me career aptitude tests, and I researched job after job. I looked into research careers, I liked science and I always did well in my lab classes, I also looked into careers in marine biology as a possibility. The more I researched, however, the less interested I became in these careers. No matter how much I explored, I always came to the same answer: Veterinarian.
So as soon as I was able I got a job, it was at a veterinarian’s office. This was my last attempt to make sure this was my true calling, and it was. I loved working with the cats, dogs, birds, and whatever else came through the door. Watching the veterinarian diagnosing pets and observing him in surgery was inspiring to me, I tried as hard as I could to take it all in. During my first job, I was in charge of watching over the exotic animals t...

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... while working in the enrichment area. My favorite part about volunteering is recording the observations of the animals for research purposes. Some people may find it boring, sitting around recording how many times a muntjac eats, but I love learning the behavior of these creatures and trying to understand a bit more on how they think.
Though all my experiences, I have to come to a single, concrete conclusion that my future purpose is to become a veterinarian for exotic animals. I take joy in working with domesticated animals and respect those who do, however, I desire something a bit more challenging. I want to help the animals that don’t have anyone to look out for them. I get an unexplainable feeling when I work with exotic animals and I know it’s what I’m meant to do. I believe I can aid wild and mistreated animals by giving them the care they truly deserve.

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