Why I Am A Successful Exchange Student Essay

Why I Am A Successful Exchange Student Essay

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Going to college in America has always been one of my biggest dreams. Since I was very young I used to watch a lot of movies about high school and college in the States and I’ve always dreamed so much about it.
When I was sixteen I decided that Europe and Italy were not the only places I wanted to see and live in during my life. I wanted to travel and experience new things and new cultures, I wanted to learn how to speak a new language and change the way I looked at things.
I left for my exchange year during the summer of 2014, I was alone and very scared, I knew I was not going to se my family or my friends for a full year but I also knew how much this experience could have gave me. I lived my exchange year in North Dakota, I met so many amazing people there and learned about so many things; my exchange year completely changed me.
To be a successful exchange student you need to be ready to challenge yourself, you need to be strong and never let anything or anyone bring you down because if you start to get very homesick then it’s so hard to enjoy your new life and your new host cou...

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