Why I Am A Student State Essay

Why I Am A Student State Essay

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In many instances today you will hear a student state that they only took a class because it was required and that they did not learn anything. That is very sad. I feel that it is important to learn from every class. If I do not take something away from the class then I feel like it was just a waste of my time and money. Why would I want to waste my time and money on something that I am not going to put the effort into learning? This class was no different than any other class that I have taken. I can provide examples of new knowledge and understanding, skills, attitudes and dispositions, personal insights and applications, and future projections that I have obtained through this class session.
Knowledge and Understanding
One aspect of deeper understanding that I took from this class was just how involved accounting really is. Everything is so detailed. I actually was not aware that there were so many different steps in the accounting procedure. Take inventory for example, I did not know how much was involved in keeping track of the amount of inventory that a company acquires and sells. Before coming into this class, I thought it was just a straightforward procedure of buying in selling.
Another tidbit of knowledge that I have acquired form this class came from chapter thirteen. Everything about the stock shares was pretty foreign to me, but it was interesting to learn about. My family runs a C Corporation, but I had never really taken the time to research how the shareholder information worked. Because of this class, I now have a better understanding about how my mother and father, who are the only two shareholders of the organization, divided the shares of the company. While the knowledge does not really have m...

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...lass. Items that I knew basically nothing about like inventory depreciation now have a place in my mind. Perhaps I will never use the knowledge, but I like the fact that it is there. As I said earlier, you never know what is going to happen. There may come a time that I will be able to impress my boss by using the knowledge that I have gained in this class, or who knows, I may use the knowledge in a future business that I own.
I feel that on my end, this course can be considered a success. I am glad that I was able to learn something. I know that I will be able to apply the skills and knowledge that I have acquired in this class to my future endeavors. Is that not the goal that we all should strive to reach? Yes, it is. My hope is that every class that I take will give me skills and knowledge that I can apply to my future endeavors.

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