Essay on Why I Am A My Masters Program Will Be A Challenge

Essay on Why I Am A My Masters Program Will Be A Challenge

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Following Socrates’s famous quote, “Know thyself”, is no easy task as humans have continued to struggle with identity. Perhaps it was the precursor to psychology and human development. The age-old question of who I am remains elusive for many. But if we address core values and ideals, perhaps a more enlightened understanding of ourselves will emerge. Our strengths and weaknesses will reveal themselves as challenges and obstacles create roadblocks, induce frustrations, and insecurities creep within the crevices of confidence.
Pursuing a graduate degree is difficult, even under the best circumstances. It was a long arduous road to discover a university that would meet my needs. Juggling my multiple responsibilities of home, work, family, and now school will require motivation. I am a student first and learning is my favorite place. Maintaining motivation to complete my Masters program will be a challenge, but will be the easiest of challenges to see it through. As an educator, academics is important and as I move through tough classes and challenging assignments, I will have the experience to share with my students who may be facing similar difficulties. This camaraderie will help set the tone and perseverance needed to see my graduation date. Zimmerman noted that students who understand their strengths and weaknesses and have goals and strategies will experience success (65-66). He also notes that students who “monitor their behavior in terms of their goals and self-reflect” are likely to experience more satisfaction and “motivation to continue to improve their methods of learning” (Zimmerman 66). He reports that this type of behavior will lead to academic success and a positive outlook for their future (66). One of...

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...will create not only a sense of accomplishment, but will reinforce my motivation and efficacy.
Academic preparation begins with what is known and known well. As I reviewed my Pearson Student Success assessment, I realized that I have mastered many topics. I also noted a few shortcomings. I will need to use the tools available to increase my reading and writing levels to graduate level work. I will have to create a path from my profession of high school English teacher to graduate student so that it will reflect in my writing and my understanding of the literature and reading assignments.
Creating a plan for success allows me to circumvent any obstacles and self-doubt.
Now that I know I need to create a new path through graduate school venture will promote the success, reflection, efficacy, and preparation needed to secure my goal of earning my MA in English.

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