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A lot of my major issues really came from when I was a kid, when I was a kid I was sort of picked on a lot for a lot of things and I could never understand why these kids were doing this to me. Then with age I started to understand why this stuff was happening. First I always believed that when I was younger I thought had a mild learning disabilities but I never wanted to get it checked out because I did not want to seem like that stupid black kid. Another thing was also my race a lot of the kids in my grade were usually rich white kids who usually did not understand how lucky they were. I think out of the whole school there were 2 or 3 kids that were from different backgrounds. And with that came kids treating me different and the taunting, the pushing, and the fighting. When I look back now I always wish that I handled that with more violence, I know that a bad thing to say but I feel like it would have saved me a lot of pain and trouble. But another thing is when I look back those things bad me very strong with situations like this, I feel like everyone’s past experience’s makes them who they are today or at least play some type of role. The growth that I have seen is mostly understanding and not letting people bully other people around me that’s something I can’t stand because I was in that position and seething something like that happen to some and they can’t find help is one of the hardest things to get over or work on with no one on your side trying to help. Some of my goals is to find out what I really want to do after college and what I am really passionate about and what would make me happy to go to work every day and really see it as work. Another goal is to work on my school goals like improving on grammar, and being ...

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...at I was quiet because I did not care of was just not interested in anything they had to say but I they would be wrong. I can’t really say how they would experience me I just hope it was positive in some areas.
To be compete honest I have no idea what area I want to go into with psychology and human services. I have always wanted to work with kids or maybe with prison inmates. But I am not sure what I really want to do or how much schooling would be needed for work like that. I like the strengths I have for something in this field, I pretty observant and pick up on some of the little things around me. I am also pretty good at listening to people and understand what type of method of advice I could give to that person. I don’t think I would know my limitations until the situation happened, because until something happens then I will understand where I draw the line.

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