Why I Am A Insider Essay

Why I Am A Insider Essay

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In my family I would say that we have two “insider” people who have access to all the information. I would say that I am one of those people because I seem to know everybody’s business and I’m outgoing and I’m also just a very curious person and like to know things and what is going on. For example, when my parents were or are talking in the kitchen and I am in the living room and they get a little quitter as if they are talking about something I’m not supposed to hear I always get up and go to the kitchen and do something in the kitchen and ask what are you guys talking about. Another reason why I’m the insider is because in high school I was a captain of my high school dance team and I always had inside knowledge and knew things before the rest of my team and the parents. The other person in my family who I would say is an “insider” is my mom I would also say that she is the person in the family that gets full access to information from everyone in the family and even the extended family. My mom is an insider because she is the person in my family that likes to check in with people...

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