Why Humans Have A Physical Soul Essay

Why Humans Have A Physical Soul Essay

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Our world views are how we are able to explain to others what we belief as our own truths. The long debated theory on whether humans have a physical or a non-physical soul has been made a little clearer through the improvement of technology. As I have been digging through research I have found it troubling to keep my perspective out in order to try and understand both sides of the argument. The reason for this is because it only makes sense that we humans do not have a physical soul.
The fact that I will beginning with is that humans have a non-physical soul. If humans were to have a physical soul, we would be able to prove pin point our soul in the human body. We are not able to physically see or touch our soul, therefore we have non-physical soul. This is not to say that if our soul was physical that we would not have one. It seems that this questions can be brought up onto a bigger scale saying whether or not you believe in God. Because God works through the Holy spirit a non-psychical entity we too need a non-physical identity to detach us from the world and connect us too God
The clearest argument I can make is explain how we are not our bodies but rather the living soul inside. If humans were identical to their bodies, then everything we did to our bodies whether that’s loosing our body part or being paralyzed is the physical need of our bodies. Because we are still our self’s when physical when we grow bigger we look different but are not different we can identify our self.
If our soul was a physical object(P), then we would be able to locate our soul (Q). We are unable to locate our soul; therefore, our soul is non-physical.

Defense of the Premises
In order to defend the argumen...

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...on-physical soul. To paraphrase a professor from Trinity Western, Dr. Venema, it is possible that through the separation of Neanderthals and homo sapiens, homo sapiens then developed the ability to have a soul. Up until the development of homo sapiens there was no capacity to contain a soul.

It has become quite clear that humans are in great need of a soul. It is what has rooted us to be unique and connect with each other and world on a deeper level then just physically. Even though there is no right or wrong answer to the question is the soul a physical thing as long as we are able to have a connection with God that is all that matters. But if I know God as well as I think it is easy to think that He would not want to give us our soul, something that is so precious as something material. Because humans are clumsy, it will cause us to loose or damage it.

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