Why Homeschooling Is On The Rise Of The World Essay

Why Homeschooling Is On The Rise Of The World Essay

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For so many decades in most countries around the world, education was offered to children in formal areas allocated for this purpose. These areas were mainly schools and colleges. A certain number of hours were assigned every day to education in which the children would leave home in the morning for school spend the whole day being taught in a series of classes as well as co-curricular activities. On a normal school day, children would be taught different subjects that the school offers have some time allocated for physical education and sports and also have breaks in-between for meals. Recently, however, homeschooling is on the rise in most parts of the world. Homeschooling is categories into three main techniques; Traditional method which is similar to teaching in public schools in terms of curriculum, grading etc., Classical education method, a model that tailors the curriculum to a child 's cognitive development, Charlotte Mason method and the Montessori method. (Succesful Home schooling, 2007) For so many years this system of education was a reserve for the royals who were not allowed to freely mingle with children of other citizens. Homeschooling also known as home education refers to the education of the children inside the home as opposed to a formal setting of a private or public school. This practice is on the rise with statistics showing that today more than two million kids are taught at home. Although many scholars support education that is offered in formal settings such as schools, homeschooling has been an effective alternative to a cheaper more wholesome method of educating children. This practice has immense positive effects on a child physically, mentally and socially with very dismal differences in terms of a c...

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...r simply they are gifted in other areas of life. It is important for education to accommodate all these variables since education is a right of every child. Education offered in learning institution may not fully address all of these differences because of the large numbers. Homeschooling, therefore, provides parents with an opportunity to keenly monitor their children’s progress and to customize education in order to maximize learning.
Homeschooling focuses on education for learning and knowledge and not for competition or grades. This is a more wholesome approach to learning because children are not subjected to exams and graded on the basis of performance as in the case of schools. Here the goal is to ensure that a child is learning. Schools create an environment for competition and children there may study and cram just to pass their tests and exams. (Bean, 2016)

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