Why Homeschooling Is More Than Public Education Essays

Why Homeschooling Is More Than Public Education Essays

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Why to Homeschool
“On the fringe” education has become increasingly more popular since the 1970’s while public education has been around since the 1600’s (Davis). “On the fringe” is what some parents think homeschooling is because they think schooling their children at home is “backwards” (Drenovsky and Cohen). However, homeschooling is more beneficial to students than public schooling.
First, homeschooled children work more efficiently than public schooled children. Because homeschooled children receive more one on one attention than children do in public school, they receive the assistance they need to understand a lot faster than they would in a classroom with twenty other students. This allows them to get extra attention for things they are not understanding as well as move on if they catch onto something quickly. If they were in a classroom, they would have to wait on the rest of the class to catch on until they could move on. However, since they are usually the only student or one of few students, homeschooled students can ultimately cover a week worth of public school’s work in one or two days. Being homeschooled allows teachers to schedule how you want to spend time on certain courses. For example, a child may breeze through algebra but struggle with geometry. The teacher is only focusing on one student, so they can easily schedule more time for geometry if the student is fluent with the basics of algebra. In turn, they move on much sooner and can learn more material than public schooled students. Covering more work in less time also allows more free learning time for students and for students to discover more interests (Carmen).
Second, homeschooled students have a higher acceptance rate into college. Studies prove that ...

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...oling programs provide. In turn, homeschooled students score higher on the test that assist them in getting admitted to colleges and universities than public schooled students; this also allows home educated students to have higher chances of acceptance into a college of their choice and ultimately makes them more prepared for college courses. However, they are not only benefiting from the educationally, but they are benefitting personally from being homeschooled as well. Students are less influenced when schooled at home. They learn to dress, speak, and act how they would like to rather than mimicking those around them like many traditionally schooled students do. They also are more comfortable saying no to peer pressure situations because of this, so, maybe, being schooled “on the fringe” or “backwards” really is not as bad as many parents are making it out to be.

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