Why Higways are Impoved and Constructed Essay examples

Why Higways are Impoved and Constructed Essay examples

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Why Highways Are Improved and

Enhancing an existing highway is preferred to the construction of a new one. Highways are developed to meet general traffic needs, to eliminate or decrease negative impacts caused by traffic or when changes in land use so require. A new highway shall be constructed when the existing highway network no longer meets the requirements of traffic or land use, and these requirements cannot be satisfied or eliminated through road improvements or other transport system developments, or the negative impacts caused by traffic cannot be reduced enough.

Reasons to improve existing highways and construct new ones include the following:

•Improve mobility/travel due to residential, work place and service developments.
•Requirements better serve the transport needs of industrial and commercial activities.
•Increasing mobility during working hours and free time and growth of the car fleet.
• Making highways safer and reduce negative impacts on the environment caused by traffic.
• Improve pedestrian and bicycle traffic conditions, and the use of public transport.
•Aim to improve traffic mobility.

The Phases of Road Planning

The planning of road projects is a method turning into more elaborated stage by stage. At each stage, the level of planning accuracy and decision-making is customized in accordance with land use planning.
The planning process has four stages: feasibility study, preliminary engineering planning, final engineering planning and construction planning.
In minor road projects with restricted impacts, planning and decision making stages can be combined.
When a new highway or the improvement of an existing highway is planned, the planning must be based on a land use plan meeting the requi...

... middle of paper ...

... can be started.

outcomes of final engineering planning:

•precise road area
•detailed solutions
•cost estimate and possible division of costs

4.Construction Plan

Construction planning belongs to the road construction phase and covers the drafting of the documents required for construction. In many cases, the contractor is often responsible for drawing up the construction plan. Within limits of the final engineering plan, interaction between road constructors and landowners and other concerned parties continues throughout the entire planning and construction phase. In minor projects, the final engineering and construction planning phases can be combined.
Compensation is paid for any damage caused to external property during final engineering or
construction planning and construction.

outcome of construction planning:

•documents required in construction

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