Why Guns Are Necessary For The United States Essays

Why Guns Are Necessary For The United States Essays

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Imagine walking home late at night. It is very dark, so its hard to keep track of your surroundings and you mistakenly take a wrong turn. Suddenly you hear the sound of footsteps quickly approaching you from behind and when you turn around you see an individual approaching with a knife directed at you. You have only have a few seconds to act, what do you do.
Sadly, this situation can happen to anyone. Fortunately, there is an easy solution in this situation. if you had a personal sidearm that you could use for personal defense to ward away the attacker. wouldn’t you feel safer with a firearm?
The United States has always been a firm believer of the right to bear arms. Our birth as a nation began when the militia from the thirteen colonies, took up arms against the tyranny of the British empire. I believe guns are needed in the United States to help save lives and reduce crime rate, and should always be available to citizens. Unfortunately, gun lobbyist and other anti gun organizations are putting much unwanted pressure our second amendment.
After extensive research on gun control and its relationship with crime rate as well as being a gun owner myself, I strongly feel that gun control does not work to help save lives and reduce crime rate.

Instead of placing anti-gun laws and stripping citizens of their own protection, we should make guns accessible to the entire population of the United States

In this speech, I will explain to you how gun control does not work by helping to save lives and reduce crime rate and how you can protect your 2nd amendment rights.
The first main problem of gun control, is that it does not reduce crime rate.
First I will briefly describe how gun laws do not apply to criminals.
a. Gun laws are ...

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...ou to understand that firearms save and protect more lives then they take, and those who take lives are most likely to have an illegally owned firearm. Taking away law abiding citizens right to bear arms will only make them naked and defenseless when a criminal decides to make them a victim. Please do not let your 2nd amendment rights be lost
At the back of the room I’ve left papers with information regarding gun control as well as major politicians who viewpoints are against gun control, please take some as you leave and hand them out at your local neighborhood.

Won’t you help protect your second amendment. I sincerely hope that all of you will come together and encourage one another to take the steps towards to spreading this information. If citizens nationwide were to go ahead and adopt this policy, we will help protect our second amendment and save lives.

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