Why Give 1.4 Billion Dollars to Other Countries? Essay

Why Give 1.4 Billion Dollars to Other Countries? Essay

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Imagine yourself walking in the shoes of a single mother with three kids working two jobs trying to provide for your family. You work all day long and still cannot provide for your three kids. You do all you can between two jobs and help from a federal aid program, but you and your children are finding yourself having to skip a meal each day because what your doing is just not enough. You find yourself wondering where you go from here and what you are supposed to do, after all, you are doing all you can. What if you find out that the government is giving billions of dollars to other countries for food aid when you are here doing all you can and still need help, but it’s being given away to other countries. The U.S. gives billions of dollars to other countries for food aid and most of the money isn’t even going to food costs but, towards storage and shipping costs. We give so much money to other countries when we should be spending our money on our own people that are going hungry.
The U.S. gives money to other countries for food assistance each year, roughly 1.4 billion dollars each year. Part of this 1.4 billion dollars doesn’t even go towards food for these countries. Less than forty percent of the foreign assistance actually goes to food for these people. The forty percent that isn’t going to food aid is going to shipping and storage costs.
The U.S. “Tied Aid” program is the cause for these shipping and storage costs. The tied aid program was put into place when the U.S. economy was struggling. This program was designed to help other countries that were in need of food. This program is meant to help them, but the environment that lead to this program in the 1950’s is no longer an issue. The U.S. economy is getting bett...

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