Why Gender Identity Is A Choice Essay

Why Gender Identity Is A Choice Essay

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In today’s society we as humans are aware and accepting of more identities than we ever have been before. Civil rights movements all over the world are advocating for everything from marriage equality, to laws protecting gender-queer people. However, it isn’t perfect. Just as there will always be racists and homophobes, there will always be people who say gender identity is a choice. Well, a study done earlier this year proves those people wrong.
A recent study done at the Medical University of Vienna shows that there is neurological basis in gender-identity and could help to explain why some people’s gender identities don’t match their biological sex. The study, led by Georg S. Kranz, utilized diffusion-based magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), to track the diffusion of white matter in the brain. The study also used a method called diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to measure the diffusions of microstructures in the white matter. The microstructure diffusions measured were fractional anisotropy (FA), axial (AD), radial (RD), and mean (MD). Kranz’s article states that previous tests done solely on cisgender men and women showed that FA and AD is typically higher in men, while RD was higher in women. Those tested in Kranz’s study consisted of a control group of 23 cis-women and 22 cis-men, as well as an experimental group of 23 transgender men (female to male), and 21 transgender women (male to female).
The results of the study indicate that gender exists on a spectrum since the white matter diffusion in both transgender men and women was not exactly the same as cis-men and cis-women, that instead the levels were somewhere between the two. This can account transgender people who don’t fit within the binary, such as people who ident...

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... very important to me. It very much ties in with what I want to do with my life and what I want to pursue in the way of a career. Even once I start publishing, I suspect I’ll use fiction as a vehicle to normalize queer characters in pop-culture. That is to say, I want to write stories with characters who just happen to be queer. Instead of focusing on a queer character and their struggles with being queer – which is a completely legitimate thing to do – I want to make that a character trait, without having it be the center of the plot and the novel itself. This is how to normalize a concept. Another good way is to introduce queer characters into children’s media such as movies, books, and TV shows. It’s articles like the one described in the first half of this essay that I’ll be able to go back and cite to help spread awareness and acceptance of the queer community.

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