Why Gays Shouldn’t Serve by David Horowitz Essay

Why Gays Shouldn’t Serve by David Horowitz Essay

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In the essay “Why gays shouldn’t serve” by David Horowitz he states that “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell policy is a way of containing the destructive force of sex on a combat capability called Unit Cohesion. (354)” This controversial topic has surfaced more and more recently because Barack Obama wanted to let all people serve in the military, regardless of their sexual orientation. “More than 1,000 retired flag and general officers have joined us in signing an open letter to President Obama and Congress, repeal of this law would prompt many dedicated people to leave the military (James J. Lindsay).” There are multiple points you could focus on when trying to explain your point on why gays or lesbians should not serve in the military. The first point we will be focusing on is: how would military life change if straight men or women knew that there were gays or lesbians sleeping next to them? The second point is: would straight men and women communicate with the gays or lesbians the same way as they would toward other straight men or women? The third and final point is: how would other countries view our military if they knew we had gays or lesbians in the military?
The first main point that I want to focus on is how daily life in the military would be affected if we knew we had gays or lesbians sleeping right next to us every night. Would we want to move out of our barracks and move to one where there wasn’t a gay or lesbian or would we just stick it out? In some cases you have times where you may have other soldiers in your barracks that you may not know if they are gay/lesbian at all unless they tell you. This affects many things like the “Buddy System” and also the life in the barracks. “Most junior enlisted (the ones who have to live i...

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...traight men and women. The three key topics that we need to read and understand carefully are how the military life would change if gays and lesbians were in the military. Also we need to look at the interaction with the gays and lesbians and determine if the cohesion is good or is there no cohesion at all. Lastly we need to take a look at how other countries would view us and see how they would react if we did make the decision to put gays and lesbians in the military.

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