Essay about Why Exercise Won 't Make You Thin

Essay about Why Exercise Won 't Make You Thin

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When people realize that maybe they are starting to become more overweight or gain a few pounds they may ask themselves, “Whatever I’m fine” or they might say, “Maybe I should start going to gym and exercise”. Those same people then go find a gym near their home, sign up for a gym membership, and maybe go for about a week. Then probably just quit after trying for a month. In the article “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin” published in Time Magazine on August 09, 2009 by John Cloud shows that exercise is not really needed. In this article Cloud describes to his readers his personal experience going to the gym and exercising. He believes that exercise is not worth the time and that it does not help people lose weight; it actually makes them gain weight and struggle even more. In the article Cloud connects with readers that either do not work out, or had the thought about working out. He encourages his readers not to work out, but just do their normal daily activities. Although John Cloud in his article “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin” utilizes effective rhetorical appeals to logos, but he fails to appeal to pathos in his writing.
Political journalist, John Cloud, argues that the reason why people do not lose weight is because they exercise rigorously in the gym. In his article he begins to illustrate to the people who already do not work out or who have recently quit, that the gym is not needed to lose weight. The matter of fact is that he says that exercising or going to gym does the complete opposite of losing weight. Cloud asks himself, “Why am I doing this…” (Cloud 2) which shows that he has already given up on exercising as well as others. Other people in the world who have a gym membership are struggling to lose weight have ...

... middle of paper ... you eat, not how hard you try to work it off…” (Cloud 38), showing that exercise is not important to the reader, but eating is. He gives little to none information about eating healthy, but shows the reader that he as well is not eating correctly, when he states “…A period when I self-medicated with lost of Italian desserts…” (Cloud 2).
Even though Cloud uses research and data to prove his thoughts of not exercising, and wasting money on either a gym membership or a personal trainer, he did lose the attention of most of his readers because they could not relate to the topic. Although he may have caught the attention of some readers and convinced them that exercising is pointless, most readers will not know how to completely understand how to lose weight. Cloud did not use any supporting facts on eating healthy so that the reader could possibly try to lose weight.

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