Why Europeans and Muslims Cannot Coexist Essay

Why Europeans and Muslims Cannot Coexist Essay

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Clashes between Christianity and Islam have taken place since Islam’s inception. The most recent clash is the one happening now between Western Europeans and the Muslim immigrants who began arriving in the 1960s and now make up 4 to 5% of the total population. Islam is regarded as the fastest growing religion in Europe, through the immigrations and high birth rates causing to a rapid increase in Muslim population in Europe, which will make Islam be the domineering power in the future. The recent research indicates that there are more than 53 million Muslim in Europe, 14 million of them in the European union. According to the German evangelical news agency IDEA, the number of Muslims in Europe has risen by 800.000 over the last two years (Polzer). On the other hand, the birth rates in Europeans are decreasing. Pipes states that original Europeans become extinct because in order to sustain the population in Europe each woman should bear 2.1 children. The overall rate is only 1.5 that is also falling in the European Union (262). Today Europeans still have the upper hand, and therefore many of them continue to believe that multiculturalism and their immigration policy will eventually produce an integrated society in spite of the social unrest in Europe resulting from integration problems of Muslim immigrants. These Europeans insist that dialogue will solve all problems; in that sense they suffer from what Ayaan Hirsi Ali calls the “fanaticism of reason” (78), and they tend to fall into the appeasement camp. Muslim strategists such as Yusuf Al Qaradawi recognize that Islamists can achieve a great deal by pretending to cooperate with reasonable Europeans (Vidino 38), and that his organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, can take advantage...

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...tions, which makes these groups much more dangerous. Behind the peaceful and reasonable mask, they seem quite harmless, which gives chances to act on sly. Intentions are overt; Islam religion and Muslim identity are seen as the only source of universality. The Ramadan’s sayings are like explicit indicator of their visions that is believed that all humanity either with gentle coercion or with overt violence will be Muslim. “One day we shall go back to the source!” (qtd in Bogaard). As long as Europe does not struggle to recover its weakness that generates powerless image in the eye of Muslims and does not abolish the Europe- Arab alliance that causes dependency on Arab countries; ultimately, cannot stop that the radical groups’ increasing power, the Islamization of Europe will become faster. In the light of these reasons, the coexistence in Europe is not possible.

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