Why Employees Is Essential For The Success Of Any Business Essay

Why Employees Is Essential For The Success Of Any Business Essay

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Properly motivating employees is crucial to the success of any business. When an organization has a motivated workforce, the staff will yield higher productivity which leads to an increased likelihood that a business will achieve its organizational goals and objectives. Motivating employees can be especially challenging for an organization, as employees are motivated by different incentives. Organizations must create incentives, both monetary and non-monetary, that will not only create employee satisfaction, but it must also create a level of performance that will create an increasing and sustainable growth.
During a time when you felt unmotivated or unsatisfied at work, why did you feel that way? During that time did your compensation package play a part in why you felt unmotivated or unsatisfied?
Pride can be the key to unlocking the motivational spirit for any employee (Pierce & Newstorm, 2014). In order to make the staff feel valued in the workplace, you have to make them feel emotionally connected. The leadership needs know what drives their staff and what does not. Analyzing how and why employees are motivated will increase productivity and profits. There are several reasons why one could feel unsatisfied or not motivated in the workplace. Employee engagement is a big reason for people to lack motivation. Most organizations have a diverse staff and different family elements and need different things from management in order to remain successful and happy at the job.
They can feel dissatisfied because there may not be a happy place to work in. There may also be a lack of trust amongst subordinates and leadership. They may also feel like they have reached a glass ceiling with the organization and are trapped with...

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... a mentor. My mentor was very professional and showed me the way even after training was over. His success gave me the motivation to strive to achieve sales goals. I am now a mentor for new hires and I hope they feel as motivated about their job as I still do today.
Motivating employees is crucial for any business to remain successful. Having incentive programs for employees is an easy way for a business to incentivize and motivate employees. While each incentive may not need to be monetary in nature, the goal of the business incentive program should always be to recognize and reward employees for great work and performance. The importance of employee satisfaction cannot be ignored. Satisfied employees offer many benefits to an organization such as reducing turnover, increasing productivity, and improving the overall performance of the business.

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