Why Educators Understand Issues Of Diversity And Difference Essay

Why Educators Understand Issues Of Diversity And Difference Essay

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Why must educators understand issues of diversity and difference?

Educators must understand and recognise issues of diversity and difference amongst students to provide an inclusive learning environment. Each child brings to class a unique blend of differentiated social and cultural backgrounds, which can impact their overall success in reaching curriculum goals. Through educator’s acknowledgment of such diversity, students are given the opportunity to build a sense of identity and overcome stereotypical notions that society has created. The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) along with the Early Years Frame Work (EYLF) emphasise that equality across classroom practices is of highest priority for all children and diversity must be respected. Educators must have a proficient understanding of issues of diversity such as socio-economic backgrounds, gender stereotypes and cultural influences of students to enable the achievement of curriculum and educational goals.

Educators must understand that academic achievement and success can be affected by a student’s socio-economic background. Students who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds must be given equal opportunity to achieve. Although schools do not intend to create injustice, it often occurs if educators do not hold high expectations for students due to their geographical location or socio-economic status (Thomson, 2002, p.9). Students from such backgrounds often develop low self-esteem and do not finish school nor find employment (Thomson, 2002, p.3), resulting in the poverty cycle continuing (Ewing, 2013, p.84). Hence, it is of the utmost importance that educators understand this issue and implement meaningful curriculum, as well as build pos...

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...ustralian society (ACARA, 2014, p.1).

Educators must have an understanding of diversity and difference in able to provide students with the best chances of success. Students of low-socioeconomic backgrounds can break the poverty cycle by having educators set standards that are equal for all students. Educators must also promote equality by having students challenge gender stereotypes and providing activities that allow exploration of preconceived gender roles. Cultural and ethnic backgrounds must be valued and respected, enabling students to develop cultural competence. Through educators having an understanding of diversity, all students can achieve curriculum outcomes and goals. Difference and diversity make Australia the multicultural society that it is; therefore educators must understand and harness these to make Australia an equal and fair learning ground.

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