Essay about Why Education Is Not For Everyone

Essay about Why Education Is Not For Everyone

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Education is an everyday topic of a conversation for both higher and lower socioeconomic people but mostly for the “poor”, it is believed to be the key to success or just a waste of time. But the real question is if education is meant for everyone. Well according to Gerald Graff, the issue is that many claim that non book smart students are not so intelligent. Which might be why the education system does not do anything to improve those street smart students academically. They tend to only help those who they think have the intelligence to understand academic work which are the book smart students. Overall, the education system would say that education is for every student but that is what they are expected to say. In reality, the education systems would say that education is not meant for everyone, which in my opinion they make it clear by just ignoring the struggles street smart students have academically. Which brings me to Graff a formal professor who wrote “Hidden Intellectualism” that states students defined as street smart does not mean they are not smart.
Until this day street smart students are meant for no successful jobs since no education was done by their part but that is not necessarily right. There are jobs that are mostly done by street smart students where it is believed intelligence is developed or used. According to Mike Rose in the essay “Blue-Collar Brilliance”, “ The distinctions among blue, pink, and white collars carry with them attributions of character, motivation, and intelligence” (279). Meaning all jobs are somehow the same no matter if it is a physical job, there is a possibility too input intelligence into any job since every jobs consist of learning. Without intelligence nothing can be learned.
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...students to not achieve a college degree because they simply have a different way of learning that is not taught by their school. It is not the student’s fault the education system does not provide them the change the students need. Instead, we should focus to see every student succeed not mattering what it takes a certain student to their success. We need to learn how to accept. We need to accept the fact that there are students who need that extra push that extra attention of changing a lecture. In other words, I agree with Graff that just because a student is identified as a street smart it does not mean they not smart it just means that they cannot learn from academic readings. I believe on Graff’s suggestion that if teachers teach street smart students from topics they understand then they might become academically intelligent just like the book smart students.

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