Why Education Doesn 't Just Stop At School Essay

Why Education Doesn 't Just Stop At School Essay

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Education Outside of School
Many articles can attest to the subject that is, why education doesn 't just stop at school. Lily Claiborne, Annie Paul, and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi are all people who have written articles about learning outside the classroom. Things like the internet, world experiences/ responsibilities, and your peers, teach you so much more that you ever would in a classroom. Articles like “Teaching Outside the Classroom” by Lily Claiborne, “Informal education: What students are learning outside the classroom” by Annie Paul, and “Education for the 21st Century” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, show great examples to why learning doesn 't stop at school. Going to school may be a primary form of education, but with the immense amount of technology development that has been happening in the twenty-first century, changes the game for education with even more opportunities to learn. In 2016, education isn’t the same, it has changed because now everywhere you look, learning isn’t just between the walls of a classroom.
One of the biggest forms of informal education has been quickly emerging just in the last decade and it will completely change education for years to come, the internet. Annie Paul writes about how much time teenagers put into school versus how many hours they put into the internet, “One thousand hours: That’s approximately the number of instructional hours required of U.S. middle school and high school students each year. Four thousand hours: That’s approximately the number of hours of digital media content U.S. youths aged 8 to 18 absorb each year,” (Paul). There is an endless possibility for what you can learn just by typing a word into Google. Having that kind of knowledge in abundance and in our back pock...

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...ple on those reality shows? Clearly, everything that is out in the world, can have some impact on you or others, we are constantly learning from others and even the media.
After you have walked the stage and graduated from college, the thousands of hours put into your formal education is still only a small fraction to how many hours you have been learning. Outside the four walls of a classroom, an entire world of learning is just waiting to teach you. From your peers, to the internet and even adult responsibilities are just a small part of the education that you have gotten. Whether you are 15 or 85 years old, formal education teachers may have changed the way they teach, but experiences and surrounding still teach the same way. Remember this as you put down this paper and go live your life, never stop learning and always strive to be educated, formal and informal.

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