Essay about Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

Essay about Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

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Why Dogs Are Better Pets than Cats

We’ve all seen moments on media where a child gets a pet as a present. The pleasure of getting a pet as a gift is often touching and sometimes ends with tears of joy. Being able to grow up with the pet is often a emotional roller coaster. Treating the pet as if it was another human being like watching television together, playing outside on the field, or just eating dinner as a family are memories we can cherish as they grow up. Although, in terms of being able to connect with the animal emotionally and physically; we can definitely see many reasons as to why a dog is a much better pet then a cat. Simply because they can follow commands, protect you from danger, and they’re known to be loyal companions.
Any owner of a pet knows that when it comes to dogs, they can follow your commands easier then any feline pet. A trained dog can follow your instructions; like for example: stay, yes, no, come, or leave it. It might seem like basic skills, but these come in handy and definitely shows that you “wear the pants” in the relationship. On the other hand, if you were to tell a cat to do these following commands, they would probably ignore you and walk away. Cat lovers with trained cats just have to admit to the fact that it’s not easy to train a feline to respond to commands and cues. Even when it comes to swaying your feline pet with food, it’s highly unlikely that cats will follow your commands, every single time, despite their being a reward. From my personally experience, it’s nearly impossible to tell a cat to retrieve a toy. Sure, when it’s all fun in games both dogs and cats are willing to spend quality time and play. However, hoping that a cat will retrieve a toy back to it’s owner is definite...

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...rotect you from danger, and be loyal companions. After all, they are “man’s/ woman’s” best friend and has lived side by side with humans for millennia and will love you unconditionally.

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