Essay on Why Do You Ever Overpaid For Something?

Essay on Why Do You Ever Overpaid For Something?

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Have you ever overpaid for something? I think we all have. Your money—practically wasted. Luckily, I can teach you how to put an end to the anguish and regret you feel when you find your wallet and your shopping bag practically empty. By taking advantage of promotions, shopping second-hand, and comparing prices, you can prevent yourself from making the mistake of blindly overpaying.
1. Promotions, Please.
Promotions are a must when shopping retail. The simplest way to ensure you are not missing out on any discounts is to ask. Ask a salesperson if there are any good sales going on or discounts available. Many times salespeople do not bother to inform shoppers, or sometimes they simply forget. Also, before you make a purchase, look online and in your local paper to check if there are any coupons available for the store you will be shopping at or for the item you will be buying. For example, when looking online, you might type "JCPenny Coupons" into your search engine. A link to JCPenny 's website may come up with coupons posted by JCPenny, or a link to multiple coupon websites may also turn up. My personal favorite website is RetailMeNot, because it has a convenient smartphone app. It provides coupon codes that can be presented to the cashier. Aside from coupons, many stores offer reward cards or memberships; some are free and some are not free. A reward card is a card that rewards shoppers every time they use it while making a purchase from the reward card’s issuer, perhaps in the form of points or store credit. Reward cards may also provide discounts. For example, Petco offers a free reward card that gives shoppers exclusive savings on certain items and services, and earns points with every purchase that can be used to buy items o...

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...pers can order items online for no extra charge. However, ordering from brick-and-mortar stores—physically or online—is not always the best option. Websites such as Amazon and eBay have millions of items from multiple sellers. Sellers will compete with each other for the lowest price, often providing shoppers with a price lower than those of larger stores. Regardless of how and where you purchase your items, taking time to shop around is a wise choice.
Taking advantage of promotions, choosing to shop second-hand, and comparing prices will transform you into a more conscious shopper with more dough to blow—or save. So, if you are tired of purchasing an item only to spot it for a lower price somewhere else, or if you are looking to save money, I advise you to follow my simple steps. Do not be an ignorant consumer and a wasteful spender. Shop affordably, live lavishly.

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