Essay on Why Do Women Not Report Rape?

Essay on Why Do Women Not Report Rape?

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Why are some people deemed beautiful while others are not? In high school, the popular girls were envied because of their beauty. As an adult, the pretty woman gets the guy. Women are constantly trying to change themselves to be more beautiful. But beauty is pain, being constantly harassed for having boobs and a butt is a serious issue for women.

Rape in the military occurs almost twice as much as in civilian life. The Pentagon passed strict laws against rape, yet only 40 percent of rapes are being reported. Since the Pentagon only recognizes rapes that are reported, the extent of the problem is often overlooked. Why do women not report rape? The laws may be harsh but they do not cover all sides of the situation. For instance, reforms in the procedures for reporting rape do not account for the backlash of the assailant and the fellow soldiers of the victim. After reporting her rape, a woman might have to spend months interacting with her assailant and fellow soldiers who resent her for being a “snitch”. It could be because military culture requires that a soldier endure their pain and distress, and reporting her rape might make the women feel as if she is not as strong as her companions. Also, the use of pornography in the military is prominent, specifically the kind that degrades women and their bodies. Despite the official ban of pornography, it is still easily accessible through mail and civilian distribution. Pornography increases the male soldier’s lust for women, who are conveniently located on the base camp.

There are rules that prohibit drill instructors from using racial slurs and curses because the military means to connect the soldiers through a bond of “brotherhood”. Where do women fit in? The drill instructors a...

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...y middle school musical and having the other kids say how I couldn’t because I was black. I got the role but I still remember wanting so bad to be white so I could achieve my dream. I attributed being white with being successful and even now I often see my face in mirror and dislike what I see. It has taken me awhile to see that no one is perfect and that everyone has something they would like to change about themselves.

Both of these problems stem from a society who projects women as dolls, to be played with and admired. Creating the illusion that women are only their body and beauty. The media celebrates only one type of beauty, which is unfortunate for the majority of women who were not born white, skinny, and tall. Beauty and respect need to be universal. Women have to learn to love themselves and men need to learn to respect a woman’s mind as well as her body.

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