Essay about Why Do We Study the Beatitudes?

Essay about Why Do We Study the Beatitudes?

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The word “beatitude” comes from the Latin word beatitudo meaning “blessedness”. The Beatitudes describe the happiness we can get from inner spiritual qualities. The Beatitudes are short passages that hold deep meanings and is addressed to everyone. Each of them serve a different purpose. They are deep interpretations of different principles. It measures our faith and trust in God. It expresses our need for Jesus and God’s guidance. God explains how things that seem to be undesirable are also blessed in a way we might not think. It elaborates the meaning behind unwanted qualities and how they can be good. These conditions might make us unhappy but God’s words tells otherwise. The piece suggests the kind of people who really are blessed. The Beatitudes is similar to the Ten Commandments. Both are God’s wishes that we hope to follow. This also contains the goal of our existence. It is basically describes how we, as God’s children, are expected to live. It fulfills God’s promises by showing a way to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is a path to our inner happiness and pureness. Why do we study the beatitudes? It leaves us choices on how we could purify our hearts. This piece describes how we can live our lives as God’s disciples. It is to remind us that people who are suffering are being cared for. It helps us further understand the concept of salvation. We could incorporate this teaching in our everyday lives by praying, allowing us to have a talk with God. Another way is to simply believe in God. By believing in him, we prove that we are faithful and that we put our trust on Him. We could always instill good behaviours within us, to promote goodness. There are a lot of interpretations of the Beatitudes. Many of the passage is applied in...

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...fecting free will?” That question had intrigued me because it is very hard to do so. With true love, the person would not try and restrict the other’s freedom. Another quotation that caught my attention was “People want me to do everything for them but what they don’t realize is they have the power.” This was sad by God. It is a very inspiring quote that makes us believe that we are the miracle. There would not be any changes if we do not start with ourselves. There were also different ways the Beatitudes were expressed. Grace was very pure in heart, merciful, and filled with a golden heart. Bruce was gradually changing as he realizes his mistakes and how hard God’s job is. In conclusion, the beatitudes are actions that we would want to live by. They are our guidelines. They are what we should follow in order to find the path to God’s Kingdom of Heaven.

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