Why Do We Continue to Hurt Our Earth? Essay

Why Do We Continue to Hurt Our Earth? Essay

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Why are we determined to continually hurt ourselves over and over again? Every day people are committing acts of terror towards our natural habitat we call earth. Is it an intentional annihilation against our own species, or is it an unknown action that we are creating our own destruction without any mental disturbance. There is an obligation to protect our way of life and the resources we need to live. Since we are the alpha species, we should take heed to the warning signs earth is giving us. Every species on this earth depends on another for survival. We have the responsibility to ensure water, energy, and food supply stays sufficient for all. Also, there should be specialized attention to the forest. As an inhabitant of this planet, it is our civil responsibility to ensure this proper balance of life is preserved and continuous.
Humanity seems to have lost sight of the reason why life is abundant. H2O is the most essential element to all living organisms. Up to about 60% of the human body is made of water and needs to be nourished daily with clean drinkable water. Factories along rivers, drilling oil deep on the ocean floor, and even ships out to sea are all taking turns depleting our clean water supply. Water not only affects Homo sapiens, but also the animals that dwell in the ocean. By destroying the homes of these creatures, we are also wiping out our own food sources.
However, energy is necessary to function every day. We use hydroelectric power to generate energy needed for offices and industrial use. This is another reason that water is important. There are other forms of energy like biofuels, solar, and wind power. Biofuels come from plants and animals, but unless we fulfill or responsibility to the earth ...

... middle of paper ...

...net needs it.
It is immensely important that we educate ourselves and future generations about the ecosystem. Though we do not burden the responsibility of saving the earth on our own, we have the greatest responsibility of all species. It is our human race that has diluted the vast resources needed to survive and it is becoming clear that the problem is with minimal education of how the circle of life is supposed to flow. In order to protect nature we must first respect and appreciate her for what she is, and that is the nourishment of life that dwells on earth.

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