Essay Why do Ultra-Conservatives Believe What They Believe?

Essay Why do Ultra-Conservatives Believe What They Believe?

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Why is it that most ultra-conservatives (typically Southern states) cling to the idea that our second amendment is being violated when it is in fact NOT being violated? Why do most conservatives honestly believe that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton are the Anti-Christ? Why do most ultra-conservatives believe that "Trickle Down Economics" works? When in fact even during recessions the rich people are still richer than ever? Why do Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity truly believe that they are in fact experts on global warming or climate change? It's snowing outside in GA and TN! Therefore, global warming must not exist! Yes, that's the most intelligent and forensic analysis I have ever heard in my life. Give me a f*cking break. What motivates the GOP and Tea Party members to perpetuate such a fearful and dogmatic view onto the general populace? Does it not seem like their single purpose in life is to keep the ignorant population even more ignorant? Is this a right-wing conspiracy to keep us stupid and ignorant? Or is it just the way that they were raised and can't help it when they have this particular line of thinking?

There HAS to be some sort of hidden agenda out there to keep us from being completely informed of the truth and facts in any case. It seems to me that the primary mission of the GOP is to promote fear, separation, and intolerance in the heads of millions of Americans who religiously watch Fox news and listen to Rush Limbaugh in their cars. I won't go as far as saying that every GOP supporter has a loaded gun in every room, or has a Bible located on every end table or nightstand. I will say this, why do most ultra-conservative politicians display the most ignorance when it comes to debates on abortion or...

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...the president's approval ratings go down because that is the first place an ignorant population looks to blame. When actually, the fact is that Barack Obama's voting history actually shows him to be one of the NRA's best friends when it comes to gun legislation. Rest assured people, our Second Amendment isn't going anywhere. Look it up folks!

To conclude, I believe the GOP's mass delusion is created with fear of the unknown and it’s originates from a longing of wanting to live in an era when life was simpler. I think it's really sad when "Ronald Reagan worshipers" who religiously shout on cue, “We want our country back”, the people they rely on the most to lead them are actually trying to keep them ignorant and closed-minded about the forward progress that this country needs to take. They have to secure their votes somehow right? Let me know what you think!

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