Why Do People Who Are Homeless Face Barriers? Health Care? Essay

Why Do People Who Are Homeless Face Barriers? Health Care? Essay

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Why do people who are homeless face barriers to health care? What are the strategies to facilitate Health care system in Canada?
Homelessness is an important issue everywhere throughout the world and the reason for homelessness can be different for each individual. It can be low-income salary, mental disability, or not being able to afford a house. However, these people also experience barriers to accessing health care in Canada. Some of the barriers are: having regular family doctor, facing discrimination and lack of community support, and/or not having health insurance. These problems can exacerbate people’s homeless experience.
First what is the definition of homelessness? There are two kinds of homelessness, “Absolute homelessness”, which Hwang (2001) defines as it indicated by the United Nations, people without physical safe house who rest and sleep outside, in a vehicle, or different spots which is not proposed for human residence (p. 229). And “Relative homelessness” which explains the condition of people who have a physical safe house, yet one does not meet fundamental standard of health and safety include: access to clean water, individual health and affordability, and residency security (p.229). According to the professor Madeline Burghardt there are several reasons for being homeless: poverty, lack of affordable house, and mental illnesses, which, lead to have poor health.
Khandor, Mason, Chambers, Rossiter, Cowan, Hwang (2011), argues that homelessness is one of the important issues that influences extensive number of people in the society. He argues in compare with overall public, their health is poor and they are vulnerable to disease. For example they regularly encounter an unbalanced weight of ...

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...lar family doctor, facing discrimination when they visit health care professionals, and repeatedly losing their identification such as health insurance card. Government can provide reasonable and appropriate solution by providing and promoting more family doctors especially for people who are homeless, which is the key asset for primary health care. They are at risk of mental health and illness, so community support can be a good resource to decrease homelessness and mental illness, however by providing educational system and affordable house for people who are homeless and institution in order to challenge their ability, so they can get more involve with the society they leave in. Also government can provide affordable housing and benefit or opening new community centre for medication, assist better and help to reduce more people who are vulnerable to mental health.

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