Essay on Why Do People Have More Than One Life?

Essay on Why Do People Have More Than One Life?

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“Why do we need to relive past life experiences?”
“In my research, I have found that the issues people are dealing with now often have roots based on an earlier life that extends into this life. If not resolved, they will possibly carry them into a future life.”
“So people have more than one life?”
“Many do. What I’m going to tell you now is strictly my opinion, not fact.”
“I understand.”
“I believe we repeat circumstances to get a ‘redo’ in a sense until we can correct whatever issue we left unresolved.”
“What if nothing happens while I’m under hypnosis?”
“Then it means one of two things. Either you did not have a previous life or you don’t want to remember it at this time. Are you ready to begin?”
“I guess. What do I need to do?”
“Just lay back and try to relax. Alice will stay here the entire time. She tapes the sessions.”
Casey looked at Alice, who gave her a reassuring smile.
“Will I remember anything?”
“Yes. You will see, hear, and experience everything about your past life or lives. It will be as if you are watching a movie. Throughout the journey, you will be completely safe and protected. You can come out of it at any time you feel threatened.”
Casey glanced at Alice. She still maintained her friendly grin.
With a nervous chuckle, she reclined on the chaise lounge trying to lessen the tension without much success.
Alice got up and turned the lights down low.
Dr. Bernard spoke in a soft voice. “Now, Casey, I want you to listen to my voice. You are completely relaxed. In a few moments, you will begin to feel your eyes getting heavier and heavier, so heavy you won’t be able to keep them open any longer.”
Casey’s could feel her eyes closing despite trying to keep them open.
“I want you to imagine you are standing at the t...

... middle of paper ...

...angement was your hand in marriage in exchange for Francois paying off my gambling debts. He wanted you and a child. Now that he has both I will not allow you to ruin our family name nor the name of Dumas by carrying on a secret liaison behind our backs. Francois never needs to know. It will remain our secret.”
“That was why you arranged my marriage as payment for your misdeeds?”
“I knew you would be valuable to me one day. The day Francois asked for your hand, I was finally glad I did not kill you or give you to the nuns at your birth.”
She was in shock by her father’s declaration.
The doctor’s voice interruption the enactment, “Tell me what is going on? You seem upset.”
“My father is angry with me because he has discovered I have feelings for Sean. He is acting strangely. I do not recognize the man I call father. He is talking as if I am simply a bargaining chip?”

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