Why Do People Eat Less And Exercise More? Enough? Essay example

Why Do People Eat Less And Exercise More? Enough? Essay example

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• Why isn’t telling people to “eat less and exercise more” enough?
It is not enough because they already know this and eating less of non-healthy foods will not give your body all the essential nutrients and minerals it needs. They need someone to help them with coming up with small goals by giving them examples and then they can pick and choose what they want their goal to be. They need someone who can encourage them on the way to a healthier lifestyle change. Education and counseling might be the best way to help someone lose weight. Most people know that eating healthier and exercise will help them lose weight but they do not know what to do or how to use these information. It is not only about education people on eating healthier and being more physically active. It is about acting on that knowledge.

• Considering Yolanda’s story, what are strategies that have been effective for her and why do you think they work? Why are small steps important? What do you think of her weight loss goal?
o Yolanda started with small goals, goals that were realistic and obtainable. She first committed to looking at how many calories she was drinking. This helped her understand and really see that in drinks alone she was getting more calories than what would be considered a full meal. One strategy Yolanda is doing is that she looks that what she is going to eat and carefully tracks the calories before she eats, counting the amount of calories she will eat beforehand. She plans her day out with the times of when she is going to have her meals. This helps her stop nibbling here and there throughout the day. Yolanda and her doctor developed strategies to help her lose weight.
 Start with small steps like eliminating sugar-sweetened beverages
 Mak...

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...ave a sedentary lifestyle, and usually go out for quick food service during break times. Having a wellness committee at work for mental and physical well-being could be used to overcome these barriers. The
InnLink Wellness group employs many proven wellness techniques geared toward achieving a healthy weight. Gigi developed an employee Run Wellness Committee which includes the following steps of implementation:
 Make information available
• Post nutrition guidelines and information about where to get a healthy lunch close to the office
 Provide healthy snacks and make sure drinking water is available
 Celebrate milestones;
• Healthy food choices
• Miles walked
• Weight lost
 Physical fitness challenges can motivate everyone to more more
• Walking challenge during lunch
 Create a friendly environment so that people of any weight feel comfortable participating

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