Why Do People Do What They Do? Essay

Why Do People Do What They Do? Essay

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When a person sees an acquaintance in a public place, but they are both too busy to speak, they may wave high and smile politely to each other. In American society, it is considered impolite to ask how much money a person makes or how much they weigh. People drive on the right side of the road. These are all things that Americans have learned from their society. Everyday a person is faced with hundreds of decision, most of them subconsciously. Why do people do what they do? “Well, that’s just how it is. That’s what people do,” doesn’t satisfy the question. People do what they do to meet the demands of society. If they do not, then they suffer negative repercussions. Why? Well, that’s a question that the study of behavioral sciences can answer.
What is Society?
A society is a group of people all connected to each other by social institutions such as religion, government, and language. They often have something called “social mores,” which is another way of saying custom, such as greeting a new person by shaking their right hand with one’s own, or walking on the right-hand side of the sidewalk or hallway. There are also social norms, which are the rules that the people in a society must follow in order to be accepted. A historical fiction example is the Scarlet Letter, in which the main character, despite her other virtues, is shunned for adultery and must live on the outskirts of town with her child. Another event that occurs in a society is taboos. So, therefor, it is a societal norm for women to wait until marriage to have sex in Puritan society. Taboos are something that are seen as unacceptable by a society. It is seen as forbidden and it is usually not talked about. An example of taboo in America is polygamy, which is an acce...

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...e to move from one place to another with greater ease. Then, the invention of the automobile allowed this even more so. Moving across the country in the early 1800’s seemed radical, but now it is relatively normal. There’s a job opportunity available in Massachusetts. It is well-paying, has many benefits, and it starts in two weeks. California to Massachusetts with all your belongings in the past would have been impossible, but now it is doable. This has affected the family structure in our society. It is now common for immediate family members to separated by miles of distance, instead of all living in the same town.
In conclusion, I have a very amateurish understanding of behavioral science. I know just enough to impress the uneducated, but not enough to have an intelligent conversation with someone who actually knows their stuff without embarrassment.

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