Essay about Why Do Machines Work Better than People?

Essay about Why Do Machines Work Better than People?

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Predictions most likely to occur
As we looking ahead to 2020 the digital world’s penetration of every aspect of ordinary life will near completion. The unpredicted robots are coming. Robots will play a big role in future. Robots are machines and they are better at rules and routines while people are better at directing and diagnosing. But it doesn't have to stay that way. It is an invisible force that goes by many names. What jobs will the robot take in coming future? Computerization, automation, artificial intelligence, technology and innovation are all in a robot.
Why do machines work better than people? Tractor is a robot that is more powerful than farmers. Technically, robotic arms are stronger and more tireless than assembly-line workers. It is confirmed that robots have thrived at replacing a particular kind of occupation such as the average-wage, middle-skill and routine-heavy worker, especially in manufacturing and office admin. No two conversations are the same with the robot, signifying an interesting near future for artificial intelligence.
Firstly, there will be a lot of robot that can run faster than most of the human. Besides that, we can order robots to be in a meeting instead of us and they also can have a myriad of practical applications from defense and security to life science devices that could provide the elderly citizens with company and monitor their health on a daily basis besides as communication devices to talk with them.
Next, there will also a robot health coach that will monitors health and fitness and guides users to weight loss through healthy eating. The robot will play a role as a nutritionist and dietician.
There will be also robots device that able to feed most people information for example a...

... middle of paper ...

...o one can change it.Will scientists rid us of catastrophic hurricanes and frigid polar vortexes by developing the ability to control the weather?
Robot insect spies are in military use. These "micro aerial vehicles", no larger than a common house fly, have been in development for over a decade. One of the major hurdles was creating sufficient battery power in such a small object, as well as keeping them light enough to remain airborne.
The robots are used in spying missions, where they quite literally serve as a "fly on the wall" to record and transmit audio-visual information. An individual robot is equipped with miniature cameras, microphones, modem and GPS. Although strengthening national security, a number of privacy issues are being raised.
It takes a lot of times, money, passion and work in order to make all those robots a realty no a fantasy invention.

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