Why Do Hunters Hunt Today? Essay

Why Do Hunters Hunt Today? Essay

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In today’s society, several people have a misconception about hunting. These people feel that hunters just kill the animals for fun and for sport. There are some people who do hunt for sport but a majority of hunters hunt for food. What the skeptics don’t know about hunters is that we treat the animals with moral values. We respect the animals and never allow any of the body parts to go to waste. There are also many ways we have evolved in the ways of hunting from back in the middle ages to today. The future of hunting is questionable; will we still be able to hunt? There are many ways literature has talked about hunting over the years, and how they have to kill animals or the beast. As a society today, we have evolved so much from what hunting used to be from way back to the Middle Ages and so forth. The way we hunt in today’s world has changed so much from using sticks and rocks, to guns and other hunting weapons. Hunting has also given us supplies for warmth, and helped make tools for daily life over the years. When man first evolved, they had to learn to hunt for survival. There are also different types of hunting, like hunting down a person or a criminal. People have used dogs to hunt, find food and as protection from the animal their hunting. Today, in America there are many animals to hunt from; turkey, deer, dove, quail, pheasant, duck, geese, elk, bear, and many others. There are many stories that talk about different types of hunting forms back in the Middle Age for example; Beowulf and the Green Knight are forms of the hunting styles. Many of the old Indian tribes had legends of hunting stories that have been passed from generation to generation. In the history of hunting some believed you became a man when you could go...

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...s, only to get hit and killed by cars. With hunting, we can eliminate this by making the population of deer and many other animals stay low. If it doesn’t kill the deer it could put the deer in critical condition and will have to struggle to survive. No one wants to see a deer struggling for its life. Hogs are taking over crops, eating everything, attacking people and also have killed a few. If hunters in the future stop hunting wildlife all together they could cause farmers’ to lose livestock crops, which can cause a huge problem for our society. They also have multiple viruses they spread which they can give them to the farmers’ livestock, which can cause the livestock count to go down. If we were to stop hunting altogether, the farmers’ crops would take a major toll, the wildlife would start eating all of their food that they are trying to provide to the humans.

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