Why Do Females Commit Crimes? Essay

Why Do Females Commit Crimes? Essay

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Why do females commit crimes? Female’s percentages in jails and prisons have increase in the recent years. This has led to our society being concern of female crimes and how they affect us. This paper will discuss female inmates and some of the legal and social problems they face in the criminal justice system.

Female Inmates
What is the purpose of prison for females? The purpose of prison for females is to punish the offender and act as a deterrent to those who commit crime. The criminal justice system has no problem when it comes to dealing with female inmates. The jails and prison all over the country have been constructed to house male inmates. The female population is a small minority of the prison population. When it comes down to accommodating females in prison facilities, they have been neglected in terms of facility services they have access to. These issues have brought equality issues and the need to address them. All females’ inmates should have equal treatment and comparable resources as the male inmates.
Female Inmates are considered having less statist...

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