Why Do College Students Procrastinate? Essay example

Why Do College Students Procrastinate? Essay example

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Why do college students procrastinate? Nearly every student will admit to, at times, delaying work until it is more “convenient.” Often times, these poor school habits will cause the student to become stressed and unorganized. Unfortunately, students will often fall into a cycle repeating these unacceptable behaviors. This cycle leads to sloppy work performance and lower grades. Discouragement abounds at this point and, in fact, many students give up completely. College students tend to procrastinate their work due to overestimating their own abilities, underestimating their coursework, and lacking motivation.
In high school, many students put minimal effort into their assignments and still excelled above their classmates. Studying and completing homework ahead of time was a non-issue for them. Commonly, these students were convinced that they were “gifted” and “exceptional” by prior educators, facilitators, and their own parents. As these high schoolers make the transition into college, they assume that their natural intelligence will carry them to success as it has in the past. On the contrary, new college students struggle in ways they have never before experienced. These students are, essentially, average for the first time in their lives. Students hold off doing their work until the last minute with the belief that they will be able to cram their assignments the night before they are due. Students transition into college often have troubles adjusting to the fact that hard work is required to succeed.
College students will hold off their work because they underestimate the difficulty of their coursework. Often times, college assignments look unassuming. Many times, however, there is much more to an assignment...

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... their first bit of self reliance and responsibility. Often times, this responsibility is neglected as students become lackadaisical and procrastinate their work. This is due to their underestimations of the work, overestimations of their abilities, and lack of motivation. If not careful, students will fall into a cycle of holding off work and letting it accumulate, eventually overwhelming them. This cycle, for many students, goes unnoticed. Its effects are rampantly apparent through course grades and overall comprehension of the subject matter. However, many students do not realize what is truly happening to them - they simply believe that such is the course of college. Their poor performance is blamed on their professors and other outside influences. In actuality, these students could succeed and thrive in college by merely being aware of the issue at hand.

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