Why Do Children Graduate High School? Essay

Why Do Children Graduate High School? Essay

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Why do children graduate high school without fully understanding concepts that relate to the core subjects of Math, English, Science, and History? Because education is unequal in America. Sociologist Doctor James W. Loewen and award winning writer Jonathan Kozol agree that classicism is to blame. Loewen also believes that history textbooks take some of the blame, for the student’s ignorance of inequality within education. Loewen and Kozol make great points on classicism, and it is important to understand how classism and textbooks affect education, and also to think of solutions to the problem.
In Loewen’s essay, he realizes that middle class students, who are uneducated about classism become poor sociologists and are ignorant of classicism and its effects. “They have no understanding of the ways that opportunity is not equal in America and no notion that social structure pushes people around, influencing the ideas they hold and the lives they fashion”(Loewen 201). He reveals through his research of history textbooks, that they do not mention social class, class structure, income distribution, or inequality in the index. Loewen discusses the implications of an unequal life style between affluent mothers and children and poor mothers and children. One of the many differences Loewen points out is disturbing. “Even when poor children are fortunate enough to attend the same school as rich children, they encounter teachers who expect only children of affluent families to know the right answers” (Loewen 203). Children are expected to live up to the standards and perceptions authorities create around them.
Loewen asserts that textbooks try to make it seem that classicism was in the past and we no longer have to deal with this problem....

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...ld be to keep using Common Core, but let teachers get accustomed and learn the new methods of the curriculum first. If teachers understand the methods and concepts before teaching it to students, they would not be confused and would be able to do their job. In addition, it would be wise to start having students take a learning style test each year, before school starts. This will help teachers understand how to format their lessons and be inclusive of all learning styles, so children have more of an opportunity to learn. The solution of using a standardized curriculum that teachers understand and using a learning style assessment will help students of every social class comprehend the core subjects of Math, English, Science, and History; and students can achieve their full academic potential. After all, Americans are created equal and should have equal opportunities.

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