Why Do A Preliminary Investigation? Essay

Why Do A Preliminary Investigation? Essay

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Pre-liminary Investigations do not necessarily yield enough information to prosecute a criminal case. Despite a through preliminary investigation, many cases require a follow up investigation. The investigator must set main points on how to do a preliminary investigation, suggest a plan of action to produce a well follow up investigation, they must know the difference and similarities between two crimes and how to conduct the investigation. In addition, the investigators must consider the most important parts of the criminal investigation, and finally agree or disagree with the balance of freedom of information through media and suspect of the crime.
First of all in an investigation a set of rules or guidelines must be set and stoned when dealing with a crime scene. According to a chapter on preliminary investigations, certain preliminary procedures must take place before entering a crime scene, these procedures are also know as the preliminary guidelines to any crime scene. The following crimes have similar or almost the exact same guidelines to follow: homicide, aggravated battery, robbery, sexual battery, suicide, arson, lewd and lascivious act, and business burglaries. Stated on the chapter in dealing with crime scenes, the preliminary investigation is "the activity that begins as soon as uniformed law enforcement personnel arrives at the scene of the incident." The first responder to arrive at the scene will: protect life, render aid, secure the scene and prevent anymore from getting in, and secure evidence. This first step is crucial the investigation because determining what needs to be done can often be the fault of the putting the perpetrator behind bars. For example if responding to a call that involves an individual i...

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...t interview the complainant, witnesses and prime suspects when necessary. Meaning that when conducting the investigation and interviewing the suspect the investigator must ask them their alibi, if they knew the victim, and other questions pertaining to case, in addition to interviewing the suspect the investigator may or may not be able to question the complainant or the person who is reporting the call. Finally the last step is to document and record all information told on reports. These documents are likely to be used in court are mandatory to write because any crime investigation has to have had reason to be investigated because of the reports written. These are the preliminary guidelines for most crimes scenes and each and every step much be followed. Not only do investigators have to follow these set of rules but they must propose a strategy that will help them.

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