Why Did You Take This Course? Essay

Why Did You Take This Course? Essay

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Why did you take this course?
To be totally honest it was required for my degree. I was going to take this course next semester and I had an unexpected opening in my schedule. So I saw that this class still had an opening so I signed up. I did not have a lot of time to think about it or prepare for what might be in store for what or me this course was all about before I signed up. I kind of like the way that it happened because I was more open and did not over think it.

What did you hope to gain from this course?
I wanted to learn what the formal version of diversity meant. I had my own preconceived notions what I thought it meant but I wanted to get a better perspective to what diversity is and how it was applied to the business world, since that is the degree that I am going for. I also wanted to be a better citizen and I have always wanted to learn to be more respectful of all persons and our differences.

Thinking back to your initial expectations and perceptions, describe the challenges and “successes” you experienced.
I did not know what to expect. I picked up the books and the titles challenged me as a white male American. I initially was on the defensive, because of the title “White Privilege” (Newman, 2012). This was mainly because I did not understand the term and never thought of myself as privileged at all. I did know that white people have looked at some people of color unfairly and white people who do this offended me, but I never knew how to challenge their thinking.
What I think are the successes of this course is that I learned more about how privilege is something mostly everyone who has it try’s to ignore and because of that the barriers that are created never seem to go away. It is like someone once sa...

... middle of paper ...

...ugh time and build assists (Oliver, 2014).

Will what you have learned change your behavior in the future? Please explain. What have you learned about yourself?
I think the biggest change is learning to think about the person and the differences. I tried to deny the differences and be colorblind (Wise, 2013). I thought it was the right thing to do. I genuinely wanted and still want equality and equal rights. It is an educational matter and I will continue to educate myself. I will apply the privilege checklist when I dealing with people that are marginalized by my privilege. I also don’t want some of my behaviors to be seen as me being offensive to others. Such as I sometimes like not to sit next to anyone and if I do that to a person who is marginalized then it could be taken the wrong way as in the YouTube video we watched from (Mun Wah, 2014). (Jarecki, 2012)

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