Why did the Nazis Never Face the Threat of Serious Rebellion on a National Scale in Germany Between 1933 and 1945?

Why did the Nazis Never Face the Threat of Serious Rebellion on a National Scale in Germany Between 1933 and 1945?

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In Germany at the start of the Nazis regime they had a lot of political opposition who were mainly socialists, but the Nazis never faced serious threats of rebellion in Nazi Germany and the Nazis reign. There are many different factors which caused this to happen; one of these being the propaganda used by the Nazis which was extensive and covered all of Germany; this propaganda was used successfully and made the majority of German people belief what the party was saying, as it gave them a sense of national identity. They did this by focusing on the German youth mainly. Another factor which helped defend the party from the threats of rebellion was the fear and terror which the Nazis bestowed on the people, through the use the SS and the Gestapo. Another key reason why there was no serious rebellion within the concentration camps was because of the disunity within the camps of many of the opposition who tried to cause the rebellion, although in the Jewish camps there was some opposition but none that posed a real threat but still feared Hitler. Also the division within the opposition caused no serious threat because the opposition would not work together as friends.
Although these factors were in play the Nazi still had a lot of attempts at opposition trying to rebel in the early years. An example of the amount of opposition to the Nazis there were at the start of the regime is shown with the last free election in November 1932 were the socialist gained 13.1 million votes whilst the Nazis only got 11.7 million . Although this is before the regime started the majority of these socialist voters would have still had strong socialist views. At the beginning of the regime the only form of resistance seen were demonstrations organised by ...

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...t and throughout caused by the Gestapo and SS ruthlessly swept away any thought of rebellion, crushing opposition leaders, either killing or imprisoning them and their supporters became isolated from the rest of population forcing them to support the Nazis even if they did not want to, they had to.

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