Why Did Rama Exile Into The Forest For Fourteen Years? Essay

Why Did Rama Exile Into The Forest For Fourteen Years? Essay

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Why did Rama exile into the forest for fourteen years? When Dasaratha became very old, he wanted Rama to be the new king. However, everything did not go in the way that Dasaratha wanted it to be. His youngest wife Kaikeyi wanted her son Bharata to be the new king. Kaikeyi was a very gentle woman that she looked at Rama like her own son. However, the evil servant Manthara successfully provoked her jealousy to demand for the exile of Rama. Another lesson that we should learn from this story, do not judge a person based on his story told by others; do not listen to one side and decide who is wrong. If not we may end up like Kaikeyi who mistakenly sent Rama into the forest using one of her two wishes that Dasaratha granted to her long ago. According to Ramayana, Dasaratha was fighting in a battle that could end his life. When Kaikeyi was a child, she has strength and physical body like a strong warrior. She could fight better than most men. In the battle that Dasaratha was not capable of defending himself, Kaikeyi fought hard to save his life. Dasaratha was pleased to marry her and gave her two wishes which it ended badly for Rama. Kaikeyi first wish was to make Bharata king instead of Rama. Her second wish was to send Rama into the forest for fourteen years so her son could have enough time to establish the trust of the people. Dasaratha was shocked and did not want Rama to leave the palace. “I would never make you lose your faith and honesty,” said Rama. Once again, Rama demonstrated to us a model of son who tries to keep his father dignity and honesty; a son of a real leader with highly trusted words.
Rama in his desire was to leave the palace into the forest alone. However, Sita and Lakshmana insisted to him that they wou...

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...rth to their two sons Kusa and Lava. After more than twelve years when Rama unexpectedly met his sons. He thought they were just like him and invited them to his palace to sing their songs to him. Quickly recover that they were his sons, Rama went into the forest to apology Sita. Sita went with her earth mother back to where she was born and her two sons for Rama. All four sons of Dasaratha went into the river which ended their appearance on earth.
The earth that Vishnu appeared on only in the difficult times and returned to heaven when successfully restored regularity orders of the worlds. Rama was real friend to all livings; a true leader; a good hearted son; and a faithful husband to Sita. Rama story was a religious teaching that left us many important lessons in life, many inspirational characters, and was a perfect demonstration of the belief of incarnations.

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