Essay on Why Death Is A Part Of Life

Essay on Why Death Is A Part Of Life

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Everyone knows that death is a part of life, yet it is still not easy when someone dies. A person’s natural instinct is to grieve when someone dies, but each person handles it differently. If a person is sick, sometimes death is the best for them so they can finally be at peace. But when a person passes away unexpectedly, families sometimes have a difficult time grieving because they do not know how that person felt. Did they feel like they were loved? Or were they happy or sad with their life?
At four in the morning on June 2, 2014 my dad was just beginning to do his daily route. His phone starts to ring and he was confused because he does not usually get phone calls this early in the morning. When he looks at his phone, he sees that it is his brother, David. My dad answers the phone with a tired voice, “Hello?”
He could already tell that something was wrong by the tone and hesitation in David’s voice.
“Richard?” David says with a sniffle in his voice.
Worried, my dad replies. “Yeah? What’s going on?”
There was a pause, “Tyler...he’s gone.”
“What?” My dad replies with confusion.
“The coroner showed up this morning. Tyler killed himself.”
My dad is in shock. He has no idea what to say, “What? Okay, we will be in Fort Wayne once I finish my route.”
My dad and my uncle hang up the phone. My dad is in shock and does not know what to do. He calls my mom and tells her what happened. She automatically breaks down in tears when she is told. At this point, I had not known what happened because I was still sleeping. I would be getting up for school in a couple hours.
“How are we going to tell Cody?” My mom asks.
“Just tell him,” dad replies, “He’s old enough to understand and he doesn’t need to go to school. We will go up there once I...

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...easier as I kept talking about it. As I kept talking to her, I began to realize that my Aunt Jayna was right. It is bad to keep to myself and that things will only get worse.
Those few days between the day of his death and his funeral have taught me a lot and have changed how I look at life today. I learned that it is okay to show emotions and want to talk to people about those emotions. There is a stereotype that men do not like to show emotion, but showing emotion makes you more of a man. This has also taught me to enjoy my life as it is because things could always be worse. Loving my life has also taught me to respect other people’s lives because you never know what that person could be going through. We thought that Tyler was a happy person. He had everything going for him. This has taught me that how a person acts or says is not always the way a person feels.

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