Why Curry Is A Man Of Great Ways And Personality Essay

Why Curry Is A Man Of Great Ways And Personality Essay

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He takes the shot turing his head not knowing the outcome, then he hears the roar of the crowd knowing it’s in (Reilly). Steph Curry is a man of great ways and personality on and off the basketball court. Great ways can be little deeds of generosity or telling his wife he loves her that day. Life can be tough constantly being in the spotlight and living the life of a celebrity, but Curry works to become a better man on the court, at and home for others and for his family.
Curry comes home after every game to two adorable daughters and his beautiful loving caring wife. His family is very supporting of his career and charity work. His hard work in basketball and charity work started in middle school. Curry has always been downgraded his whole life, especially when it comes to the game of basketball (Riley 222). In middle school Curry was not the largest player on the team, but the smallest one height wise. When in the last season of his high school career he failed to get a scholarship from the NBA, even for a walk on spot (Riley 222). Curry’s father had connections at the time to the NBA and was expecting an offer, but they all bailed out at the last minute on him. When Curry started college at Davidson University little did they know that little Curry would carry the whole team all the way the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight (Riley 222). Curry said, “I’m them. I can’t jump the highest. I’m obviously not the biggest, not the strongest. And so they see me out there and I look like a normal person” (Riley 222). After college he was drafted into the NBA for the Golden State Warriors. The NBA thought he would only receive a few minutes off the bench for each game. A year after he was drafted into the NBA Curry and his w...

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...e House, “So that’s why we need Presidents, members of Congress, Admirals, basketball stars, faith leaders, scientists and doctors, Ministers of Health, and communities to fight the complacency, to raise awareness, to hang up nets and spray wall with insecticide, and todo the research to find better treatment, better diagnostics, and better insecticide to beat back this wily ancient parasite and mosquito (“Putting an End”).
Curry tries his best at everything he can to do to grow as a person. Being the best is not just a personal thing. Curry would like to be an inspiration to others and to the youth that you can active anything as long as you set your mind to it. Altogether Curry is a family man who uses basketball as a way to help his family and to be a leader. You don 't have to a NBA star to make a difference in this world, just be the best person you can be.

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